The law firm

The law firm was founded in June 1997, initially with its registered office in Vettweiß (district of Düren). Since 1999, the law firm has specialised exclusively in the handling of criminal law cases. In 2000, the office was moved from Vettweiß to Villa Hoesch in Kreuzau in order to ensure a closer cooperation with a criminal defence colleague already resident there. In October 2004, the office was moved again to the core area of Düren, whereby the preservation of family tradition was one of the reasons for this move. At the current address, Markt 25, the father of Attorney Rühlmann practiced as an independent specialist for 30 years until he retired in 2003.

National criminal defence

Attorney Rühlmann is active as a criminal defense attorney nationwide. At present, clients in custody are mainly served in the prisons of Aachen, Cologne, Koblenz, Trier, Rohrbach, Frankenthal and Saarbrücken. The daily “radius of action” averages 200 to 300 kilometres, which adds up to an annual mileage of 80,000 to 100,000 kilometres.

From the very beginning, the law firm has been run as an individual law firm, thus ensuring the greatest possible independence. Losses of efficiency in the organisational and professional processing of mandates are thus minimised. In appropriate cases, the law firm relies on long-standing cooperation with various other regional and supra-regional law firms in order to ensure the greatest possible uniformity of defence, for example in the case of multiple defences, i.e. defending several defendants accused of the same crime.

The following subject areas are the main focus of our work:

• Criminal proceedings in the field of narcotics
• Property offences (robbery and theft)
• jury trial (murder and manslaughter proceedings)
• Juvenile criminal proceedings
• Traffic Criminal Proceedings
• Personal injury offences

Depending on the contractual arrangements, the mandate support includes:

• legal support as soon as an initial suspicion becomes known
• regular meetings in pre-trial detention
• Defence before courts of first instance and on appeal
• Preparation of revision documents
• legal assistance in enforcement proceedings outside and in custody

As is already apparent from the multilingual design of the website, the client base is made up of a large number of different nationalities. A network of contacts has therefore been established here:

• Translation agencies in five federal states, some of which offer over 50 languages
• Drug therapy facilities with Turkish and Russian speaking staff
• Foreign law firms